Pier Park’s Douglas-Firs

In this episode, the sounds of The Jack Benny Show, a speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the music of Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston take us back to 1934. On the morning of July 11th, the Douglas-fir trees of North Portland’s Pier Park acted as shields, witnesses, and later symbols to one of the most dramatic and violent scenes of Portland’s labor history known as “Bloody Wednesday.” This podcast is an abridged version of a research paper written by Ryan Wisnor.

Host: Ryan Wisnor
Research: Ryan Wisnor
Voice of Matthew Meehan: Bruce Rash
Voice of Julia Ruuttila: Lara Lee Ingram

Audio Samples:
JB 1934-07-20 Who Killed Mr Stooge #5 – OTR Jack Benny
Worried Man Blues – Cisco Houston/Woody Guthrie
National Recovery Administration 1934 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Image Source:
1934 Longshore strikers on railroad tracks near Pier Park and N Columbia Blvd, City of Portland Archives, Oregon A2004-002.9377

Further Reading:
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